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How often should the water heater be cleaned and maintained?

The curing time more or less depends on the water used in the tank in areas where water sources have a lot of alum or water sources with lots of sediment. For example, well water, you need to clean the water heater more often. It is recommended to periodically replace the magnesium rod once within a year depending on the quality of the water source.

Maintenance and cleaning of water heaters is a regular job for one or two years depending on the quality of water sources in each region. If your home uses a little hot and cold water heater, then 1-2 years to maintain the water heater once. In case if you use the water heater a lot, every day, like at a hotel, motel or agency, you have to use it often, it is best to maintain the hot and cold water tank periodically, maintain the bottom of the tank about approx. Every 6 months to 1 year.

Some signs that you need to maintain and clean the water heater

If the water heater is still working properly, you can do periodic maintenance and cleaning according to the information provided above. But it is not always the right time to proceed. In fact, in the process of using the machine, there may be problems earlier that you need to check.
- The hot water tank is not hot

– Hot and cold water tank is slow to heat, long to heat

– The hot and cold water tank is open to the outside

– The hot water tank is not hot enough

- Hot and cold water heater caught fire

- The hot and cold water tank exploded

– Hot and cold water heater loses power, electricity does not come in

– The hot and cold water heater cannot adjust the temperature

– The water heater does not automatically turn off when it is hot enough….

When encountering the above cases or other unusual cases, you should check the machine to carry out maintenance immediately. However, you should also note, if you have no experience, do not repair it yourself, but contact a team of skilled and professional workers to ensure the safety of family members. For more details please contact: 028 77 718 719 – 0868 75 85 85.


Step 1: Receive customer service information
Step 2: Come and check the device is in good working order or not. If the water heater is damaged, the technical staff will notify the customer before performing repair and maintenance.
Step 3: Cut off the power supply from the water heater.
Step 4: Remove the hot water tank.
- Close the water supply valve, drain all the water in the tank.
– Remove the water supply and water hoses.
– Remove the water heater for maintenance.
Step 5: Remove and check the electrical part, the thermostat.
– Proceed to remove the temperature control relay from the water heater. Next, clean all the connectors at the relay and at the filament pins.
– Clean and dry the main control part, the display screen (if any).
– Conduct a thermal relay test.
Step 6: Clean the residue inside the tank, clear the heat.
– Do not use sharp objects because it can damage the wall of the bottle, use detergent to clean the bottle and then clean it with clean water.
Step 7: Check the heat bar, magnesium bar.
– Check the heat bar after cleaning, if there is a phenomenon of deformation, fire, unsafety, advise the customer to change another heat bar.
– Check the magnesium bar if it is corroded on 60%, replace it with another bar to ensure anti-corrosion for the tank shell.
Step 8: Assemble the details
– Reassemble the original components, adjust the temperature and check the current, the operating temperature of the hot and cold water heater.

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