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Network operator VNPT

VNPT is currently the number 1 Internet service provider in Vietnam. Thanks to the focus on investing in infrastructure and advanced technology, VNPT always gives every customer absolute satisfaction and trust. According to the latest statistics, VNPT accounts for about 54,6% nationwide Internet market. That partly reflects VNPT's service quality.

– Established: 2006

– Head office: Post and Telecommunication Hi-tech Building, Xuan La, Tay Ho, Hanoi

– Hotline: 028 77 718 719

- Email:

- Website:

Outstanding advantages and disadvantages of VNPT

Carrier's rates

Lowest fares from 219,000 VND/month for package speed approx 40 Mbps, the highest package from 1,314,000 VND/month for package speed approx 300 Mbps.



Fiber optic technology 100%

High postpaid fee 

Focus on investment in infrastructure 

There are few promotions attached

Advanced technology

Or affected by AAG . undersea fiber optic cable

High reputation

Usually requires 6-12 months advance payment

Special program for residents

Give away a set of smart drying racks VHC-09 worth 0VND